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Jonathan > Personal Trainer, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Metabolic Typing Diet Practitioner

Jonathan is a devoted holistic lifestyle coach and committed CHECK practitioner with over 16 years of experience working as both a trainer and a coach in the city of London. With a vast array of qualifications, including a NASM level 3 personal trainer, a Metabolic typing diet practitioner, NLP/EFT Coach, a poliquin biosignature practitioner and a BSc degree (Hons) in acupuncture, Jonathan is ideally placed to coach and train individuals on the very best way to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Yoga Coach

Tanya > Personal Trainer with Focus Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Life Balance

Tanya offers a health orientated practice to her clients, specializing in various yoga styles including meditation, pranayama (breath control work) and yoga Nidra. She will help choose the most suitable postures according to your experience and level of fitness. As you become fitter and stronger Tanya will vary your program/class accordingly. The series of exercises can help you look and feel better but can also prevent a number of health related problems. Yoga can help realign your body and promote physiological benefits as they enable one to deal better with stress, reduce anxiety and increase confidence.

She is  a fully qualified and highly experienced yoga/pilates teacher with over 20 years in the profession. Tanya has trained some of her Personal Training Clients for over 8 years. Her Background is amazing, she attended the Royal Ballet upper school for 3 years and received a diploma in teaching all forms of dance. She studied pranayama, sutras, meditation and Astanga yoga in Mysore India. In London she went to yoga campus and was given her BWY-British Shell of Yoga accredited certificate. Tanya trained with Alan Herdman and Lydia Cambell in pilates and has a Trigger point Myofascia certificate to teach pilates. Tanyas yoga and pilates aims to make holistic elements and benefits of yoga practice accessible for every BODY.

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Personal Trainer, Yoga Coach, Founder

Jürgen > Personal Trainer, Functional Moves, Yoga, Life Balance

As a personal trainer I set the focus of my profession on holistic coaching and effective strategies for vitalisation, strength development, weight loss, relaxation and life balance. In my sessions you will achieve your goals quickly, healthy and with a lot of fun. 15 years of experience as a personal trainer refined my style. After all this time and profound experience in the fitness industry I am still more than enthusiastic about my work as a personal trainer, the success of our customers and the advantages of individual 1:1 Private Sessions.

After my studies I lived from 2005-2007 in India. In this time I learned ancient yoga and found my way, that made it my mission to create Royal Private Coach and to establish a global team of high professional coaches. I am evaluated and listed at EREPS (European Register of Exercise Professionals). References: Body & Soul, Boston Consulting, Stratley, BMW, Aristo, Munich Gym, etc.

University: Health & Sports Science Munich, Fitness & Personal Trainer Training (BSA München), one-year Yoga Teacher Training (India), Health Coach, Instructor for back exercise and prevention.

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