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TV show with evaluation of a new fitness program for intensive weight reduction | definition | effective shaping

New York Body Plan

New York Body Plan

In this german tv video, Paula trains with a coach from Royal Private Coach.  She will lose 4,5 kg, -3,4% body fat, -9 cm belly circumference 6 months after pregnancy in two weeks.  The course is very challenging, Paula achieves her results, all outfits fit again.

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The program consists of a 14 day course during which the client trains every day.  The training elements are highly effective, you should really bring some basic fitness and time for food preparation with you. The diet is also very strict. It is possible to alternate this course with Life Balance and Yoga elements and thus to take a more holistic and moderate approach.

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Weight Reduction


Weight Loss: - 4,5 kg

Body Fat Reduction: -3,4 %

Belly: - 9 cm

Conclusion: best result of our weight loss programs