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Fit on command (shaping program | weight reduction | fitness)

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Jürgen was my personal trainer in the summer and has set a lot in motion in my head and body. I was looking for a coach because I did not want to be a card in the gym anymore, wanted to lose a few pounds …

  • great training results

  • super fun

  • BIG motivation

Successful Training

The results are evaluated using a body analysis. We focus on data such as body fat percentage, weight, visceral fat, body water, VO2 max (Polar Own Index = Stamina), waist circumference,  eg. to be able to evaluate shaping and endurance improvement.

Weight Reduction


This course is really fun. We tested one of our Royal Private Coach training programs with Cosmopolitan and the journalist felt very good afterwards. The clients main goal was effective shaping. You can also book a full team of personal trainers for this fitness program if you require a high degree of variety and are open minded for team coaching.